Book #1 in the Songstress Trilogy
The Story...

Sixteen-year-old mermaid Abby Carson thought she had her secret under control. Who cares if after “the change” took place, she became so beautiful that all the girls at school hated her. And the boys, well, when they look at her, hate isn't exactly what's going through their minds.

But when Abby witnesses a teenage girl's murder by a preternatural creature off the coast of Cape Cod, her carefully controlled life slips into chaos. Hiding in the water until the killer's gone is a must. Getting spotted by Brian Baker, a boy from school, isn't. Neither is falling in love with him. That definitely wasn't part of the plan.

Combine all this with the mysterious mermaid box Abby receives as a postmortem birthday gift from her dad, and she's pulled even deeper into the world of shades and monsters. Once the full force of Abby's deadly siren powers are revealed, the only one she can hurt more than herself is the boy she loves.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Shark Movie to See...Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!

I just saw a very exciting shark movie the other day, and I wanted to mention it to everyone. Though the plot isn't great, and it's easy to guess who will perish (and in what order), the movie's greatest strength is that it's pumped full of adrenaline. I actually had to leave the room a couple of times. Yikes!

The movie's called The Reef, and it's based on a true story. (That one little fact really amped up the scare factor for me.) Here's the basic plot: Five people are sailing around the Great Barrier Reef when their boat capsizes. They are forced to swim to shore while being hunted by a great white shark.

So, though The Reef, is not anywhere nearly as good as Jaws, my all time favorite shark movie, if you're a shark movie fan then it's definitely worth seeing. The characters' reactions to the shark are particularly believable. I was (literally) on the edge of my seat.

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